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A limitless amount of information and an ever-increasing supply of experts does not make your professional life easier. Our online library contains different types of resources created by our members and recommended by them, experts. 

We are not able to share all of our resources with the public but feel free to have a look at some examples that we have made available to the public.

“The Forum is a really valuable resource for my team to validate approaches that we are considering in the use of technology”. 

CIO | Wholesale & Retail

Supplier Relationship Management Best Practice Guide   

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) has evolved rapidly and is now the critical discipline by which organisations manage information technology successfully.

This Guide covers each aspect of the SRM lifecycle and has been formulated from the input of the Corporate IT Forum's membership through templates, case studies and presentations from events over the last few years, guided by the activity of the Forum's Special Interest Group. 

This is only the beginning, however. The Guide will be continually updated with input from future events and the Forum's membership.

The central theme of the Guide is "It's all about the relationship".

Download a preview here

Interested in viewing the Guide in full? Contact our Membership Support.

Becoming a Non-Exec Director  

Learn more about how to become a non-exec director in our handy top tips guide

Download it here

Managing A Large Scale Change  

Learn more about how to manage instituting a large scale change 

Download it here

Mentoring - how to get started   

This overview provides a quick "how-to" guide for those considering becoming a mentee.

Download it here

For more information on the CITF's cross-organisational mentoring scheme and how you could become a mentee or a mentor, click here

Change Management   

What would a member organisation of the CITF recommend to ensure successful change management?

Why does change management really matter?

How can an organisation really implement effective change management strategies?

Find out here

Negotiation 101   

Whether hammering out multi-million-pound deals or sorting out a disagreement between colleagues, negotiation is synonymous with working life. Negotiation skills are an essential part of any employee’s skillset.

Learn more on Negotiation 101


Handling Conflict in the Workplace 

Watch coverage from one of our webinars on how to manage conflict when it arises in the workplace and how best to mitigate disputes

Watch it here

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