At CITF we recognise that events industry has a direct impact on the local and  global environment. As a company we are dedicated to providing a high quality of service while minimising the environmental impact, both of our own company, and of the events we organise.

The ways in which we try to reduce the impact of our events include:
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible
  • Communicating electronically rather than by paper
  • Minimising the impact of travel
  • Thinking about the wellbeing of our delegates and  our suppliers,
  • Raising awareness of our efforts and sharing best practice
  • In order to reduce the need for and impact of travel, wherever possible we:
  • Consider whether livestreaming, video and teleconferencing might be a viable alternative
  • Try to find venues close to public transport and promote the available public transport links to delegates
  • Provide a link to a map and tell delegates how they can reach the venue on foot
  • Where possible, we try to use venues which have sustainable or environmental policies
  • We try to use venues of appropriate size for the number of attendees to limit excessive heating and cooling
  • We encourage the use of in-house equipment thus reducing the need for transportation
  • We choose venues which maximise natural lighting thus reducing the need for electric lighting
Where possible, to reduce wastage, we encourage attendees to sign up for meals in advance to reduce wastage and ask which sessions they plan to attend.
We ask our caterers as far as possible to:
  • Serve fresh produce in season
  • Provide vegetarian and vegan options and choices suited to specific dietary requirements
  • Produce healthy and nutritious meals
  • Provide fresh fruit as an alternative to prepared desserts
  • Serve food in bulk rather than individually packaged
  • Offer  water in re- useable bottles to drink.
  • Reuse crockery, glassware, cutlery, tablecloths etc
Paper Waste
  • We avoid excessive paper usage by carrying out our marketing, correspondence and registration electronically
  • We ensure that all paper waste is collected and recycled
  • We use double sided printing and non-glossy paper, where possible
  • We print documents in black and white rather than colour
  • We format handouts to minimise the amount of paper required by reducing the margins, font size and printing double-sided
  • We provide links to downloads of literature rather than providing large handouts
  • We use reusable, rather than event-specific, name badges, signs and display materials and collect these items after the event for reuse
  • We return all unused sponsor items to sponsors for reuse

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