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06 Feb 2020
Effective IT strategic planning

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To stay relevant and proactive to changing market demands, firms must stay agile and adept with effective IT strategies that can help give tangible business benefits. CIOs and senior leaders are required more than ever to embrace innovative new approaches to IT strategies that are more business-driven, flexible and adaptable to change. 

According to Gartner, only 29% of IT leaders state that their organisation has an effective IT strategy and planning structure in place. The biggest challenge faced by IT leaders was being comfortable with helping lead business strategies and shaping discussions around the power technology can provide. A major focus for firms has been the focus of strategising for 12-18 months ahead, making long-term roadmaps ineffective. Nevertheless, according to Architecture & Governance, Fortune 500 firms have shown an ROI of 700% as a result of successful, adaptable strategic planning when done correctly.

With this workshop being hosted at the National Gallery, attendees will also be treated to a guided tour at the end of the day.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Good practice in strategic planning through times of change
  • Fantastic case studies of effective strategic planning
  • Strong tools and techniques for strategic planning
  • How to think beyond the plan in strategic planning

09:20 Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:05 Warmup activity
10:20 Panel - Strategy planning in times of change
Phil Scully, CIO, Costa Coffee: Strategic planning and mindset after acquisition 
Stewart Hamilton, Lead Programme Architect, HM Revenue and Customs: Impact of political change on strategic investment
Sam Coverdale, Director of Application Services & PMO, Mundipharma IT Services: Strategic planning while up for sale
11:20 Coffee and Cake
11:30 Presentations and Group Activity: Tools and technique for effective IT strategic planning
Howard Blackith, CIO, NHS Supply Chain: Aligning IT strategy with business strategy through capability maps
Cara Williams, Deputy CIO, Greater Machine Combined Authority: Adaptable and effective IT roadmaps
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Post-lunch activity
13:30 Presentation and discussion: 'Strategy: thinking beyond the plan'
Gus Swan, Enterprise & Digital Technology Director, HarperCollins Publishers UK
14:10 Case studies: IT strategic planning in complex environments
Tour Ala, Former Agile Transformation Leader for the Pharma Supply Chain, GSK - Transforming how to perform strategy and planning in large complex organisations by using modern techniques and technology
Kevin Watters, Director of Technology, HarperCollins Publishers UK - Co-ordinating strategic planning across multiple countries
14:50 Summary
15:00 Guided National Gallery tour
16:00 Close

Phil Scully, Stewart Hamilton, and Sam Coverdale Webinar

Howard Blackith & Cara Williams Webinar

Gus Swan

Tour Ala and Kevin Watters



Phil Scully

CIO, Costa Coffee


Cara Williams

Deputy CIO, Greater Manchester Combined Authority


Howard Blackith

CIO, NHS Supply Chain


Gus Swan

Enterprise & Digital Technology Director, HarperCollins UK


Kevin Watters

Director of Technology, HarperCollins UK


Tour Ala

Former Agile Transformation Leader for Pharma Supply Chain, GSK


Samuel Coverdale

Director of Application services & PMO, Mundipharma IT Services


Stewart Hamilton

Lead Programme Architect, HM Revenue and Customs


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