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21 Feb 2017
Office 365 Special Interest Group: Driving Adoption

The easy bit is done & Office 365 has been deployed. Now for the hard part! Explore how organisations have driven adoption of Office 365 to deliver the new business capabilities and have improved control of data and knowledge

Office 365 adoption is an ongoing process.  The challenge faced by many organisations is how they maximise the value by driving adoption of all aspects of the solution provided.  Many users have, over time, adopted other solutions (such as Drop Box) and can be reluctant to change to new ways of working.  Many of the solutions in place within an organisation may not even be known to those driving the Office 365 implementation.


The Corporate IT Forum's O365 Special Interest Group has been established to share experiences around O365. As part of this, it has become clear that members are keen to understand more about how staff have been engaged and measures the business has used to drive benefits. 


Joe Kamara, Change Manager at NEC Group
Joe looked at NEC Group's experiences around their O365 implementation, and also took account of the work they are now doing to drive adoption across the business. With experience of consulting in different industries and sectors, Joe mapped out a clear and challenging change journey that has delivered strong results. However, with more work still to do, Joe provided a practical and detailed insight into how the Change Team are engaging the business with how Office 365 WILL make their working lives easier.

Jon Baldock, Productivity Technology Solutions Professional, & Zane Freame, Modern Workplace Technical Sales Manager, Microsoft
Jon and Zane shared Microsoft's experiences with customers as to the challenges that they have faced in driving O365 adoption and successes that have been achieved  - the gotchas and pitfalls to avoid.


To share experience and build an understanding of best practice in driving the adoption of O365 in an enterprise setting.


Professionals with a responsibility for driving the adoption of cloud services (specifically O365) within their organisation.



Joe Kamara

Change Manager at NEC Group


Joe is the Lead Change Manager at the NEC Group and most recently been responsible for deploying Office 365 across the organisation.

Jon Baldock

Productivity Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft


Jon has over ten years of experience at an Enterprise-level, predominantly in Cloud software solutions and services.

Zane Freame

Modern Workplace Technical Sales Manager, Microsoft


Zane develops, leads and manages a team that helps customers make sound technical decisions and maximise their adoption of Microsoft solutions to realise value.


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