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22 Apr 2022
‘Where is my agile architecture roadmap?’ (A&S SIG)

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Guest Speaker Topic : ‘Where is my agile architecture roadmap?’
Our guest speaker Andy Bell, Director Enterprise Architecture at Travelport, will share his experiences and insights on the effective generation and use of architecture roadmap, including the processes and tools adopted to help drive adoption of good practices within their organisation.

During this session, we will cover: 
  • The Agile Architecture Paradox
  • How to build an Agile Architecture Roadmap
  • Solution intentional architecture driven through agile frameworks (getting ahead of product plans and delivery trains to support the product roadmap)
  • Using tools such as confluence, Jira for solution intent documenting to support project and projects

Architecture & Strategy Special Interest Group Meetup Framework
All A&S SIG meetups are designed for member organisations to hear peers insights, approaches, to learn real-life successful trailed and proven tools, techniques and methods that can be applied within the workplace. This will be delivered through webinars and our Architecture Special Interest group, we will specifically dive into the following areas.

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Andy Bell

Director Enterprise Architecture at Travelport


Andy has over thirty years of experience in the civil aviation and travel industry. For the past six years, he has been Director of Enterprise Architecture for Travelport, a private equity company which provides a variety of technology solutions to the travel and tourism industry as one of the world's three major global distribution system operators. Prior to his current role, Andy was a Senior IT Architect at British Airways



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