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    How to use storytelling in your public speaking

    Event Details
    26 Oct 2021
    10:30 - 11:30

  • Creating balanced teams

    How to use storytelling in your public speaking

    Event Details
    26 Oct 2021
    10:30 - 11:30

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Do you have a business presentation or pitch that you would like to bring to life with storytelling? Public speaking and storytelling are skills that can be learnt. Impactful storytelling requires an understanding of your audience, knowing what makes a good story and being clear about your purpose in telling it. In this workshop, you will gain skills to help you become a more engaging speaker.

Storyteller & Executive Coach Sheila Hirst will give you the opportunity to explore how to create stories that can support your presentations. Sheila will guide you through the process of adding flare to your presentations.

Come with a presentation you want to enhance, past or future, expect to join in and take your pitch, speech, and presentation to the next level.

Justification for attending this session:
To give you a deeper understanding of how to use creative storytelling to bring presentations to life and to engage, motivate and connect with your stakeholders.

By the end of this session, you will learn:
How to be persuasive and enthralling when you are giving that all important presentation
Know how to find and structure the right story to illustrate your purpose

If you missed it watch Sheila's Fundamental Video

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Sheila Hirst

Master Executive Coach and Story Alchemist


Following leadership roles in sales and marketing, then in employee communication and change, Sheila became an accredited executive coach 17 years ago. She works across all sectors helping people build strong relationships with their stakeholders. Once a frustrated actress she came to storytelling as an alternative and then discovered its super power in bridging and connecting the rational world with the emotional and magical. Her feet, nevertheless,  are kept firmly on the ground by the demands of two young Bengal tiger cats who often join her on camera.


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