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25 Jan 2022
How using PI Planning can transform your PMO

"At News, we had a small PMO which was reactive. Since last September, we have implemented PI Planning and the changes around this have enabled us to create a more strategic PMO."

Gill Bennet, Portfolio and Transformation Manager, Kirsteen King, Director of Business operations and Helen van der Straaten, PMO Manager at News UK  share how News UK used PI Planning to transform their PMO.

PI Planning is a way to approach quarterly planning work and improve collaboration across the whole business. Aside from a massive culture and mind shift in how they all approached communicating, collaborating and planning our work, it provided an opportunity to review our tooling. With PI Planning changing how the whole business works, The PMO team significantly grew to accommodate the positive shift in how they worked - from planning to reporting - The PMO team are moving to a new phase looking at how to streamline their ways of working, improve transparency across the business and collaborate between everyone.  Join this session to find out more.
By attending this session you will learn: 
- What is PI Planning and how does it fit into a strategic PMO
- How you can get tools to work for you
- How to streamline the process right down to your reports

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Kirsteen King

Director of Operations at News UK


Kirsteen has a background of agile programme management, working in agencies, the BBC, finance. Currently manages the PMO, Portfolio Management, with a mandate to consider culture, recruitment, diversity, churn at News UK (Sun, Times, talkRadio, Virgin etc).

Gill Bennet

Portfolio and Transformation Manager at News UK


Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Gill has lived and worked in the UK for the last 10 years. She has delivered some of the largest web, app and back-end projects for the BBC and NewsUK, reaching over 35 million people around the world. Gill builds high performing, self-organising teams. By drawing upon her own personal journey with leading teams without authority and in mental health, she always puts people at the centre of anything she does. She believes that everyone brings their own unique individuality and by empowering them we all come together to create something truly amazing.

Helen van der Straaten

PMO Manager at News UK


Currently running the PMO at News UK which has grown to a team of 6 across Sofia and the UK. Responsibilities include recruitment, finances, management reporting, establishing guidelines and governance frameworks. Providing value and savings as a vital part of technology.

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