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06 Sep 2021
Fundamental Series - How to adopt an agile mindset in times of uncertainty


The workplace has undergone significant changes and with today’s economy moving faster than ever before, companies have been forced to adapt in order to respond quickly and effectively. Although technology has the ability to boost productivity and efficiency, few of those benefits can be realized without engaged employees to drive creativity and innovation. Many are investing into adopting and scaling Agile frameworks within their working environments.

Before embarking on an Agile journey, ensuring pre conditions such as physiological safety and equal voice are critical components to truly adopting an agile mindset. In this 10 minute VOD, Umer Ehsan, Head of Agile Project and Programmes at News UK, shares his work experiences on why setting right conditions and permissions are key components to building trust and the alliance of your team. A bitesize presentation on  how to support your team.

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Umer Ehsan


Head of Publishing Transformation and Head of Agile Project & Programmes at News UK

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