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19 Jan 2022
Women Who Mean Business: How to leverage power and master successful negotiation tactics

The ‘Women in Business’ is an opportunity for all genders to better understand women in business, and how their roles influence business agility and growth. The ultimate goal is for businesses to better understand, and foster a deeper empathy for female leaders.

We intend to shed light on this topic by spotlighting female leaders' unique perspectives and strengths at through 8 interactive sessions. We hope that participants will gain a refreshed strategic thinking that will energise their tactics and leadership styles.

The programme modules will collectively deliver the following learning outcomes:
- Understand The Women's Perspective in Business 
- Establish a Strong Professional Network.
- Enable you to build supportive professional relationships and business networks.

During this session, our guest Constance Whippman is a Barrister who has specialised in family law for over 15 years. Constance shares her experience and expertise as a female leader in a male dominated environment.  In this session we will focus on honing your negotiation skills, and share tips and strategies that work and can be applied to successfully get your desired outcome.

By attending this session you will learn:
- Strengthen Your Leadership Skills
- Best practice and negotiation strategies that give you the outcome you desire

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Constance Whippman

Barrister at 33 Bedford Row


Constance has a background in civil law specialising in landlord and tenant and housing. Constance has specialised in family law for over 15 years but finds her multi-disciplinary background of great assistance in considering the issues arising in all aspects family breakdown. Constance is known for her client care, her analytical ability, her skills as an advocate and her commitment to ensuring that each client has the advice and support needed to make informed choices about how his or her case is conducted.

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