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20 Aug 2021
Supplier Relationship Management Meetup

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Technology leaders and professionals are expected to deliver optimal business outcomes while meeting the multiple needs of their stakeholders which can prove even more challenging within a remote environment, which can lead to additional risks of issues to deliver outcomes for the needs of the customer and stakeholders if relationships are not managed effectively.

This supplier management special interest group monthly meetup has been designed for member organisations to hear how peers have altered their stakeholder management approaches, tools and techniques for the virtual environment, and learn what methods have proven a real success. 

The session aims to:

1.      Examine SRM members stakeholder challenges and successes through knowledge sharing on approaches, tools, and techniques used.

2.      Share best practices to engage and manage stakeholders in virtual environments, such as persuasion techniques to build stakeholder support.

3.      Establish best ways to deal with difficulties such as stakeholder rivalry and politics associated with managing multi-suppliers.


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