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07 Dec 2020
Facing Challenges with Confidence

Event Synopsis
Recently we hosted Understanding the Employment Landscape, which focused on the current technology market and within it, which skills are most sought after and how to approach the job market as an Employee or as a Candidate. One of the key elements discussed in this session is around having the confidence to try something new. 
According to research, being more confident in your professional life is the key to cultivating a successful career. When we are confident, we are more willing to learn and take necessary risks. We are in a better state to do what it takes to accomplish goals and this all feeds into a positive result, pushing yourself to go further professionally. 
At present, we, as individuals are facing continuous change and new challenges, work environments and situations which we have never dealt with before. This could be a dramatic change to your role, or even a difficult conversation you have to have. Maybe you are due to present soon or are struggling to deliver on a project. Whatever the challenge, join this event to identify how to combat these by being your professional, confident self. 

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize situations which affect our confidence

  2. Explain what it means to be our 'performative self' and how this contributes to exhibiting confidence

  3. Identify techniques which can be applied to challenging situations to ensure a positive outcome


Target Audience

Open to all CITF Members


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