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01 Oct 2020
Women-2-Women Mentoring

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Event Synopsis 

Mentoring is a system of support that can be activated to advance more women in their careers. A mentor’s role can range from providing guidance on upskilling, emotional support, preparation for career development opportunities and access to networks that might otherwise be missed.  
Join your membership peers in this exclusive open book panel interview and discussion with Emma Feltham Head of IT Delivery at The National Trust, and Jane Deal IT Director at The Law Society. They will be sharing their experiences of mentoring relationships and the benefits it has made to their careers and personal development, along with their perspectives on why woman-2-woman mentoring specifically from female leaders can best support aspirational female talent. 
This session aims for you to: 
· Understand how mentors can benefit your career development, confidence, and self-esteem. 
· Learn insights on why female mentors are particularly beneficial for female mentees. 
·Identify techniques that can be applied to make the most out of a mentoring relationship as a mentee. 

Target Audience 

Open to all CITF Members who would like to understand more about women-2-women mentoring for themselves, peers, and organisations. 

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You can attend an Introductory Mentoring Session during our virtual Speed Women-2-Women Mentoring event taking place Tuesday 13th October (11:00-12:00). This is a closed event with limited spaces. Register to attend here
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CITF facilitate mentoring relationships across our membership organisations in arrangements that suit each individual member. You can find out more about CITFs mentoring scheme and request a mentor from our database here
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Emma Feltham

Head of IT Delivery at the National Trust


Emma's selected acheivements include her PhD, the strategy and ways of working she established for Corporate Partnerships at the Research Councils, and the difference she have made to her team, the department they're part of and the properties they look after at the Trust.

Jane Deal

IT Director at The Law Society



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