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24 Sep 2020
Meet a Female Founder


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We are delighted to have Tal Kollender, Co-Founder and CEO of Gytpol as our guest. Gytpol is an Israeli cyber security startup, focusing on Endpoint Security Configuration.

There still seems to be a vast difference in the role of men and women when it comes to entrepreneurship. Statistically, women in technology start-ups have been overshadowed by men and fail to get to the same level as the opposite gender.

During this session, we will discuss Tal’s views and experiences, including:

• Her challenges in starting and growing her business
• Whether she believes there are specific challenges for female entrepreneurs, her business approach
• Views on scaling up business and
• Advice for other women who consider becoming entrepreneurs.



Tal Kollender

Co-Founder and CEO of Gytpol


Tal is a professional hacker since her teenage years, always on the hunt to crack open what seems impossible, always on the lookout for IT challenges. She joined the Israel Air-Force having her sights on becoming a fighter pilot, but as failure is a major milestone to success, she had to face it head-on and was lucky to be allocated to the Israeli Defense Force, IT Corp Security-Systems Division, where she served as an ICT specialist. Following what was now her passion, Tal was given a chance to enter the private sector, utilising her Cyber Security and IT background, and assigned as a Cyber Security Analyst and Team Leader at Dell EMC, executed in Israel’s Ministry of Defense. Richard Nixon said: "Take no risks you will suffer no defeats, but if you take no risks, you win no victories". Tal lives to challenge both body and mind, as she is a professional Ninja Warrior and a Cyber Geek!

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