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27 Apr 2020
How to Run Fantastic Remote Meetings

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If you want to become a virtual meeting master, then join this Webinar on running fantastic remote meetings.  The webinar will cover everything from meeting preparation, setting meeting etiquette and how to engage everyone to closing the virtual meetings. 

What you’ll learn from this Webinar: 

  • Key tips to set everyone’s expectations and prepare for a productive meeting 

  • How to start your meeting off on the right foot 

  • How to get attendees engaging and collaborating  

  • How to end your meeting well and to capitalise on it   


Presentation slide deck

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Additional materials: Icebreakers, Ending on a High Note, and Activities for New Teams

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Anna Danes

Co-Founder and Remote Teams Expert at Managing Virtual Teams


In 2008, Anna Danés founded Ricaris Have a Nice Day, a multilingual outsourcing company with a 100% remote team. Thanks to this experience, Danés is extremely knowledgeable in the tools that help strengthen remote teams, and she is a firm believer in the power of well-managed remote teams. She cofounded Managing Virtual Teams, where she helps companies with distributed teams improve their productivity, processes, team motivation, and overall well-being. She has worked with Infor, ComCast and many other companies during their transition to a remote environment.

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