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19 Feb 2020
How to: Budget and carry out financial planning as a head of department

For non-financiers, financial planning for a whole department can be a daunting challenge, due to significant budget responsibility and the need to work out which team or project requires funding and the knock-on consequences. The ability to filter out the noise and focus on what truly matters, however, is critical to developing a sound financial plan. Join this webinar to hear how you can improve your financial planning.
If you are not in a head of department position yet, this is still an ideal webinar for you attend. The information you find out will be valuable in understanding how budgetary decisions in your department are being made, so you can put forward more compelling business cases to secure funding for your projects.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to undertake successful financial planning, without any background in finance
  • How to use Return on Investment (ROI) as a measure of success as well as building an appropriate business model to deliver vision, missions and goals



David Wilde

Board, Managing Director, and Non-Exec Director


David is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors with over 30 years in central and local government leadership spanning policy, large scale operations, strategy and whole service transformation. He has a wealth of experience in the public sector specialising in technology, digital and information leadership.

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