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05 Feb 2020
Key concepts: Transgender awareness in the workplace

In a CITF first, this webinar will provide professionals with an introduction to transgender identities and what it means to be transgender, and how best to support transgender people at work. Within this webinar, we will present some of the barriers and challenges that transgender people face as well as looking at the language used and how this affects transgender communities.  

Additionally, the webinar will provide professionals with an awareness of the link between legislation and practice (Equality Act 2019 & Gender Recognition Act 2004), knowledge about the transition process and basic legal processes that can be followed. 

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to better support transgender individuals within your organisation 
  • How to battle the stigma and facilitate a discussion about transgender awareness 
  • How to successfully implement the Equality Act 2019 & Gender Recognition Act 2004 into practice 


Key concepts: Transgender awareness in the workplace

Joanne Lockwood | Inclusion and Belonging Specialist

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Joanne Lockwood

Inclusion and Belonging Specialist


Joanne Lockwood is the founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, an Equality Diversity & Inclusion Practice specialising in providing Transgender Awareness and support to organisations and businesses. Her mantra is Smile, Engage and Educate and she passionately believes that “people are people” and, no matter who they are, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

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