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03 Oct 2019
How to: Communicate effectively between technology functions

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Communication is imperative within any organisation it is the means of understanding actions and next steps within a team and wider to any external stakeholders.

The Belgian Internal Communication Mood Meter 2017 found that internal communication in numerous organisation needs vital means of improvement, they found an average score of 5.7/10. Within their research, they also found that employees within a highly effective firm are more positive and feel more connected to their team/ company.

When communicating between different functions and disciplines within IT & Technology, however, different styles are required for different audiences. The language that you use when discussing projects with software developers is unlikely to be the same as the language you use with product owners. Learning what differences in communication style you can make will have a direct effect on the successful delivery of your work, as well as your standing in the department as a whole.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The most effective ways to communicate within a team - and not just via email
  • How best to communicate effectively and how to personify your messages depending on the person's discipline



Deane Copson

Enterprise Architect, National Grid


Deane has over 10 years of experience leading the Enterprise Architecture team in a variety of organisations. His most recent roles have been at Volkswagen Group, Top Right Group (now Ascential) and Deloitte. He has been at National Grid for the past nine months.

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