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10 Aug 2023
CIO's unconventional journey: Transforming business with tech

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This session will be live at 11am.

Join Sanjay Patel, CIO at Tate and Lyle, in this on-demand recording as he discusses his unconventional journey to becoming a CIO and how technology plays a crucial role in enabling business transformation. Sanjay shares insights into a major project where his team successfully separated a premium business, worth over a billion dollars, into a new cloud-based environment. He emphasises the importance of strategic supplier relationship management and the need to align technology with the long-term business strategy. Topics covered include AI technologies, sustainability integration, and exploring emerging technologies that may shape the future of the company.



Sanjay Patel

Group CIO and Transformation Lead


Meet Sanjay Patel, Group CIO at Tate & Lyle, renowned for his role in leading a multi-year, company-wide operating model transformation. Under his guidance, Tate & Lyle experienced a significant shift, adopting a cloud-first digital strategy. As a key growth enabler, Sanjay streamlined the function of the CIO, introducing agile development, cloud deployment, analytics, and robotics. His leadership extends to finance, commercial, and supply chain teams, aligning roadmaps with the company's growth strategy. Recognized as a top UK CIO in 2021, Sanjay's prowess in enabling Covid response and championing employee engagement sets him apart.



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