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08 Aug 2023
Introducing Agility within your organisation

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Introducing Agility to an organisation can be done at all levels, by any person, not just those who control what ‘methodology’ teams use. However, it is proven that you cannot impose change, so you must understand how to listen to your environment and respond accordingly, incrementally, and proportionately to the problem you are trying to solve.

Justification for attending Practical Agile Module M4:
Introducing Agility within your organisation: By the end of this module you will have a deeper understanding of the difference between an organisation that has embraced Agility holistically (e.g., a ‘teal’ organisation) and one that just practices Agile methodologies. Doing so will enable you to illustrate how Agile can be adjusted, adopted and implemented to suit any organisation. This will give you knowledge on how to introduce Agile within the organisation, or to get new ideas on how if you have already established an Agile team. The principles are set in stone for guidance, but applying these principles within an organisation with its unique set up and challenges is the tricky part.

Key topics being covered will be what does an “Agile organisation” look like? “Teal” organisations (Reinventing Organisations, Frederic Laloux), Psychological Safety and Equal Voice (Project Aristotle, again) Decentralising decision-making and empowering individuals (Turn the Ship Around), Agile Mindset adoption in higher management and senior leadership (considering culture flows from top) and embracing adaptive rather than fixed planning.

During this workshop you will learn:
- How to harmonise Agile approaches within Waterfall environments
- Theimportant of influencing key stakeholders within the entire organisation to embrace Agility
- How to coach people outside of Technology on Agile Ways of Working
- Understanding of common barriers to adopting agile and how to overcome these (focus on people, process and technology).
- Practical tips and real-life example reference on how to effectively implement Agile


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