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20 Jul 2023
Agile Fundamental Frameworks

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There are many more methodologies that could be covered including scaled Agile ones, but the key thing is understanding how these methodologies are bound together by Agile principles (covered in module 1) and by acting as enablers. The goal isn’t to “do” Agile or “be” Agile, but to understand how Agile approaches and methods can help you succeed in achieving your objectives. 

Justification for attending Practical Agile M2: Agile Fundamental Frameworks:
By the end of this module you will have a deeper understanding of the history and transition of software development life cycles (Waterfall vs Agile), Agile Manifesto and Values, Modern “principles” that build an Agile culture and why organisations should embrace being agile.

Key topics being covered will be fundamental frameworks that make up an Agile environment such as: the origins of Kanban and basic rules of the Kanban board to “pull not push”, origins of Scrum and basics of using Scrum Framework, origins of other frameworks including Scaled-agile framework (SAFe), Agile Project Management concepts and how it differs from traditional, Project Management methods (Adaptive vs. Fixed), working with Business stakeholders, Product owners as an Agile Project Manager, Risk Analysis and Mitigation as an Agile Project Manager and applied Agile challenges including Agile project management for non-software projects.

During this workshop you will learn:
- The most commonly used within an Agile working environment.
- The fundamental Agile Practices Scrum, Kanban and other frameworks including SAFe
- Agile Practices Roles, Artefacts and Events How to identify and overcome bottlenecks that can hinder the application of Agile practices
- Practical tips and real-life example reference on the most effective framework to choose to suit your team and organisation
- Practical tips and real-life example reference on how to apply Agile to work effectively with individuals, teams, and organisations.


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