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27 Jul 2023
Embracing Agility within your Team

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Alleviate the pressure to adopt a methodology wholesale, and focus on gaining value from incremental improvements until the business is ready to take on a more structured approach in totality. The goal is to start embracing Agility in any team today. Using an understanding of Agile principles (covered in module 1) and the Agile approaches (covered in module 2) you can to select elements that your team could start doing immediately to gain quick and specific benefits such as daily stand-ups with a shared board, running retrospectives, working in short iterations and sprints to name a few.

Justification for attending Practical Agile M3: Embracing Agility within your team:
By the end of this module you will have a deeper understanding what does an “Agile organisation” look like? “Teal” organisations (Reinventing Organisations, Frederic Laloux), Psychological Safety and Equal Voice (Project Aristotle, again), Decentralising decision-making and empowering individuals (Turn the Ship Around), Agile Mindset adoption in higher management and senior leadership (considering culture flows from top) and embracing adaptive rather than fixed planning. You will also have an understanding of the most commonly used methods within an Agile working environment.

Key topics being covered will be building your Agile team Establishing your teams values and purpose (e.g., Team Charter), identifying your teams' roles and responsibilities, building effective ways of working using Agile practices and methods such as workflows, ceremonies and collaboration channels, running productive Agile meetings and Ceremonies (e.g., planning, estimation, stand-ups, retrospectives) Collaboration practices (e.g., voting, constructive feedback loops, post-its, online whiteboards) and utilising visual management (e.g., setting a vision, goals, backlog, KPIs) Using collaborative tools for efficiency (e.g. Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, GitHub, Mural).

During this workshop you will learn:
- Understanding how and where to get started when you embark on an Agile journey as a team to build effective ways of working.
- Understanding of the importance and purpose of around various Agile events and ceremonies; and how to make an effective use of them to encourage teams and organisations to become Agile.
- Understanding of how to effectively use collaboration tools and techniques for overall agility and efficiency.
- Practical tips and real-life example reference on tools, techniques and interesting and fun team exercises that can be applied to help absorb knowledge shared within your working environment.


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